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Seller Discogs RSS feed

I don’t know why was so hard to find an anwser for this. Just do this:[seller_username]?output=rss Where obviously you must replace the [seller_username] with a seller username (and yes, with no brackets).

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Using div as a site wrapper with HTML5

Short answer: yes. Sometimes just using <body> as a wrapper isn’t enough and using a <section> into a <section> is semantically incorrect. Sounds like <div> is an option, but is semantically right? The HTML5 specification page in W3C adds the following note about … Continue reading

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Costa Rica Currency Exchange Rate

If you are a web developer for costarican business is highly possible that you have been already requested to include the exchange rate in the page for conversion from 1 USD to Costa Rica colons. With this simple code you … Continue reading

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Awesome CSS table designs

Tables are the hell of web design. Decide on colors, shapes, typography, padding, borders… how to combine it to please the eye of the user that includes all that boring detailed table information. I have been sailing the seas of … Continue reading

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How to open an image in the same product page of Magento

Note: This has been tested on Magento No popup window with the image nor the single image alone in the same page. If you want to replace the large image with the image displayed in the thumbnail when these … Continue reading

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Special Character Converter to HTML tool (scc2html)

If you work with multi-language content when coding pages or web based applications you probably are familiarized with the considerations on special character use. Choosing between use of HTML entities or raw UTF-8 characters will depend of the final user … Continue reading

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How to change the default SSH port in Mac OS X

I made this tutorial using Mac Os X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). In this example, let’s say you want to change the default port 22 to port 2222 Open the terminal window Enter: sudo nano /etc/services Enter the root password, it will … Continue reading

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